Take It Back Tuesdays – A DJ Furen Tribute

It’s been just over a year and one month since our dear friend, Sani aka DJ Furen left us. And he will forever be remembered as he touched our hearts with his kind soul with his passion, his music and his zest for life. For those who don’t know, Take it back Tuesday is a weekly night started by DJ Furen. It’s a night that began at Fat Buddha Bar in NYC and in respect for its founder, to this day it continues to live on. Continuing in that tradition, on Tuesday, 17th September, we will host a very special edition of “Take It Back Tuesday” at the Cuts as a tribute to him. Sani’s family has been so kind to donate his record collection for this event in an effort to share his passion with friends, old and new. We will be selling these records on their behalf on that evening so that we can donate to a charity for cancer research. We hope you can join us!

This is a call out to all our DJs & homies who want to pay homage to our brother. Come out, have a jam! Dance with us! And cop a few of Sani’s favourite records as a keep sake or for the cause!

Confirmed to Jam are:
Matt Sekiya aka MZA (Matteblacc)
Anaiz Nez aka Senja (Revision Music)
Shane Tan aka DJ Shane2Sweet (Matteblacc)
Keith Colaco aka KFC
Dre Reyes aka DREM (Matteblacc)
Jnr Tlrso aka JNR (Matteblacc)
Alham Arms Kadir aka ARMS1 (Matteblacc)

Hendrick’ss & Double Dutch Tonic Promo:
2 Hendrick’s Gin with choice of one flavour of Double Dutch
Only $30 (UP$34).

Tacos will also be on the menu so bring your appetite!

RSVP at our Facebook Event Page.

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